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CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is a way to sail the business in a sustained manner. In easy words, it works as a bridge between the corporate sector and social works. Aman Mehndiratta understood the importance of sustained business in a developing country like India. He wanted the corporate sector to uplift the social life. For lifting the standard of living and a better future of society, he started initializing his socio-friendly business by adopting Corporate Social Responsibility.

Now, let’s take a brief discussion on what CSR actually is??


Corporate Citizenship or CSR is a business concept. It says that corporations have the responsibility to contribute towards social, economic and environmental development of society. It creates a positive impact on society at a large scale. The concept revolves around the fact that corporations need to focus beyond earning profits. They need to focus on the societal development too. In other words, it is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the environment and community in which it operates.

Aman Mehndiratta pursues his business according to this concept. Also he persuades other businessmen to get this concept for their corresponding businesses. He knows the worth of working with social responsibility. He admires the possibilities of socio-friendly businesses over social and economic standards of the country.

No doubts that Corporations have so much to gain from CSR initiatives. The social, philanthropic and welfare contributions of India’s industrialists and businessmen have become common. It has made a huge respect for the companies procuring CSR across the nation . The companies working on corporate citizenship have market penetration is deep. Despite the changing cultural and economic scenarios, these companies continue to flourish on the goodwill earned. It benefits them so much. Even today, it is a matter of real pride for each sector to work for these companies and buy their products. The collaboration of many companies with Prime Minister’s Clean India campaign is the example for this. It shows how corporates of India can partner to make a contribution towards building a better nation.

Beneficial For All

Its efforts are a win-win situation for all because it acts as a reciprocal benefit for both. As the business grows, the community gains, and as society flourishes, business gains. There exists a give and take relationship. This results in a collaborative growth within the nation.Over the past few years, the companies in India have invested to tackle many social issues. Like education, training, skill development, rural development projects, healthcare & sanitation, and environment. This happened when contributing a decent part of their profits towards community development became mandatory. A clear example for the same is Aman Mehndiratta, who has done a lot of such kinds of stuff for the sake of the society.

This became possible due to the introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility in the business world.