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The society we are living in, changes in every next moment. Sometimes it treats one like a potentate, the other moment someone is treated like a worthless nomad for it. To bring a proper stability in the social condition, WELFARE WORKERS like AMAN MEHNDIRATTA, are there to take the responsibility. He started putting his capital and time in various social works, seeing the gross condition of society with reference to economic as well as social. If we emphasize on the actual definition of social work then, social work can be described as a practice or profession that concerns itself with individuals, families, groups or the community to gradually enhance the social functioning and most of all the overall welfare. Actually, social functioning means the way in which people perform their social duties and roles, and the structural institutions that are here to sustain them. Although in many cases, welfare worker jobs and welfare worker salary is not defined specifically, but in corporate world, this practice is seldom nonprofit and people like Aman Mehndiratta take responsibility to pitch this social work in public interest.


Aman, along with being an entrepreneur and an investor and a great philanthropist, he is a welfare worker too. He does many social activities to help this society become a better place to live in. He is into donations of both time and money to help the people in need. He never blindly does his donations but does complete research and then only plans to contribute. He provides free food twice every week to poor people and free education to those in need. He is working really hard for the betterment of the society which in turn will help our nation to develop. He has all the skills and talent to perform well and get optimum results in whatever he does. He is helping a lot in the development of technology by investing in tech projects. Philanthropy has motivated him to put every possible effort to change the society for better. Aman is proving in every way that money is not what matters to him but is just a level through which he can analyze himself and his level of achievement.

One of the main reasons why Aman decided to pursue social work as a part of his future profession is that he has always been interested and passionate about social issues, particularly those issues which threat humankind’s basic needs. He has a clear thought that, if one is fortunate enough to provide anyone, with anything then why not do it? The almighty has not blessed every human the same. But if the blessed ones will help those who are in need, then the world will become a better place to live in, for everyone equally. Being a social worker is not everyone’s cup of tea. One has to be patient enough to get positive results and kind enough to maintain the dignity of this label. Aman Mehndiratta has all the aptitudes which are mandatory for this tag of being a welfare worker, moreover is a philanthropist, which again makes him perfect for why we call him a great welfare worker.

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