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We are living in a world where helping others is not usual. People often give help to those with whom they have some vested interest or selfishness. One can barely find someone who is willing to give without any selfish intentions. But some people act like a blessing in disguise, yes we are about the person who never fails to help, the man with a golden heart- Aman Mehndiratta Aman is working as a philanthropist to cure the situation. He has firmly committed himself to action, related to charitable giving and philanthropic services.

We are aware of the notion that at every stage of our species and its development, giving has been with us always. Even if one sees this phenomenon as an evolutionary manifest from the pro-social behavior or may be an urge from deep within our souls, the ultimate fact remains that giving has been one of the greatest factors in the success of humanity in all its forms and also it spans all the domains of human assets. It includes the experience, intellectual knowledge, cultural arts and language, emotion and insight, economic and social assets. We have talked about the philanthropy and philanthropists so far, now let’s start about their role in our society. To begin with, we are taking a brief introduction of philanthropy and the work assigned for philanthropists.

Philanthropy as a permanent remedy

If we discuss the fundamental nature of philanthropy by looking at the reason that why do these phenomena exist together with their impact and role on our society then first we have to talk about the people who are willing to bring these kinds of stuff in the society means about the philanthropists, their individual journeys in philanthropy, what innovative ideas they have and also how do they and their organizations are aiming to tackle some of society’s greatest problems, by the means of philanthropy. Philanthropists play a vital role in uplifting the society, the nation and the standards of living. Today, around the world, there a growing number of people who have accumulated a considerable amount of wealth and who are exploring every single the possibility of their philanthropic journeys. They have an incredible and solemn opportunity to encourage each other to become philanthropists so that more people can contribute the world to have a positive impact. Aman finds it’s his great fortune that he has got the privilege to come in such profession which allows him to earn blessings along with profitable returns.

The thing that excites him the most about philanthropy today is that he does not have to stand still. As continuously, he is busy in finding new ways to pursue and measure his impact on the society and he never stops to do more and more for the sake of his people, his society and country. He is sharing the best practices he can do. He is getting better at what he does. He is always looking forward accelerating the progress in the process by encouraging greater transparency, embracing technology, and engaging our partners, grantees, and critics as a team.

Aman Mehndiratta is one of the best Entrepreneur in India

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