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The Need of philanthropy

Today’s world, where the number of humans is directly proportional to the lack of humanity, does need something to support its goodwill and way of living. The art of philanthropy could be that ‘something’. Aman Mehndiratta leverages philanthropy, as he has a genuine concern for human welfare and advancement and believes that it should basically be a way of life, especially in the country like ours. Before people build up any confusion about philanthropy and charity, let’s make it clear that philanthropy is noticeably way different from charity because charitable activities are for eliminating the gross sufferings caused by social problems whereas philanthropy focuses on elimination of the social problems itself. The idea is to implant the fact that giving back cannot end at charitable causes because the greater would be the inclination towards philanthropy, the better would the social issues be handled, right from the initial level. According to Aman mehndiratta, True philanthropy starts and keep going as a way of life, it’s not like a foregone conclusion as a one-time investment. There is a solid need of philanthropy and noble giving in the country like ours where the social and economic problems are prevailing over the joy of development and fulfillment.

Giving back

Giving back to the society what one has taken from it is a great deed to do. It restores the faith in humanity as well as reminds us that it is actually our social responsibility to get engage in the in the progress of our community. There are huge and varied needs in our communities which require our help. Serving the people in need do help them in many ways simultaneously creates a satisfying sense of peace in the person rendering those services. Aman Mehndiratta strives for this peace of mind; by doing all the philanthropic activities in order to give back whatever he has taken from the society. Aman Mehndiratta believes that it’s the high time to act upon the proverbial “Be the change you want to see.” There are so many things to change all around; poverty and illiteracy is forever on the rise. To do his bit for the society he is serving with the philanthropic services continuously that are supposed to bring a lot of change to those lives which are not open up to of the basic necessities. He urges to others who are fortunate enough to give that don’t be platonic givers- be philanthropists. Let us pledge to create an equal and better society by creating equal opportunities, because giving back is all we need for overall development of the society. Showing a little generosity, little compassion and a few acts of kindness can create a beautiful world for everyone and truly go a long way.

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