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Philanthropy or altruism can be said as voluntary efforts to increase the well-being of the humankind. Aman Mehndiratta adopted the idea of philanthropy and became the grantmakers or social investor because wanted to give back whatever he has taken from the society. As soon as he knew the real meaning of altruism, he started taking social investment decisions, further shaping the grantmaking's approach. Actually, philanthropy has become the need of our race, and we must understand that raising a child with philanthropic values would do much good for the whole world.

As a famous notion says, ‘children are the future of the nation’, we must put every possible effort to make our future bright and secure.

We must raise our children to understand the importance of giving back like Aman sparked other’s philanthropy by motivating them to stand for the welfare of the human race. He knows how worth full this practice is for us. There are enormous ways parents can shape and nurture a child’s idea about the community by pervading in the responsibility to act with compassion towards their fellow humans.

Different ways to raise a philanthropic child:

Remembering his earlier times, Aman says that philanthropy has dual nature, either it may come from within or it can be developed by some incident or taking some measures. Here we will discuss how to develop it within your child so that they will be raised as a philanthropic child.

Show them the real world we are living in

Our first instinct is to shield our children from anything negative happening around, which is a good thing, but we should make sure they know that there are people in the world who need our help. To be very clear, we don’t recommend exposing children to the horrible things that exist in our society! Rather than, make sure they are getting involved them in all the ways in which philanthropy is included as a helping remedy these problems.

Ask them to use technology in a judicial way

Technology is always evolving and promising to keep us “connected,” but it’s only a partial truth, we are getting connected to the virtual world by compromising our real-world connections. Let your child learn the importance of real proximity, build real communication skills and develop their mind to empathize with others.

Actually too much screen time and not sufficient other activities, like reading, playing games and getting into imaginative play, will in making them less or not more, prepared to thrive.

Don’t differentiate between your saying and doing

For your child, only you are the role model. They will follow you only, so be the same as you want them to grow as. Be precise with what you say while you are doing it. The best way one can evoke a sense of ultimate pride for philanthropy in their children is to exhibit that pride in their own actions.